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About Us

Check My Ear LLC is proud to re-introduce the acoustic otoscope with significant advancements back to the medical world.The device was previously marketed as the EarCheck Pro Otitis Media Detector. The otoscope uses spectral gradient acoustic reflectometry to measure ear effusion in seconds.  

The device can be submitted for reimbursement (average of $20 per use) using CPT Code: 92567. The unit can quickly provide a return on investment financially as well as medically. 


We greatly appreciate the patience of our customers as we worked hard to bring this key piece of technology back in the hands of medical professionals. 

The Check My Ear PEC-3 provides an easier-to-use, economic alternative to Tympanometry, when determining the presence or absence of middle-ear effusion (MEE). It utilizes Spectral Gradient Acoustic Reflectometry (SGAR) technology to quick obtain a reading.

Product Benefits

  • Aids in the diagnostic process of Otitis Media

  • Better information for practitioners to manage and prevent antibiotic overuse. 

  • Provides an in-office, reimbursable procedure for the healthcare facility.

  • Easy to transfer results to EMR for billing verification

  • Provides a quick, accurate reading of middle ear fluid

  • It's easy to use on infants, children and adults

  • Does not require the patient to be still during the test.

  • Easy to interpret results displayed clearly on LED screen


Is the device FDA cleared?

Yes. The device is FDA cleared Class II medical device. 

How do I obtain a copy of the operators manual? 

Select the PDF image to download a copy.

There is a copy provided with each unit purchase. 

Can a doctor be reimbursed for using the unit?

Yes. The use of the device may qualify for insurance reimbursement ($15 to $21 on average). You'll need to validate CPT coding with your insurance provider for accurate submission and reimbursement. 

CPT Code: 92567

How do I transfer data from the device?

A USB port connects device to web application for export of scan results to medical record, software updates and more.

Can the unit be re-charged?

No. The unit runs off alkaline batteries. There is a set of batteries included with each unit.

What type of batteries does the unit need?

Two AA Alkaline Batteries are needed for the unit to operate.

My device stopped working, what do I do?

Replace the batteries in the unit. This is the #1 reason we find in troubleshooting devices. If that doesn't work, contact us to discuss next steps. 

Are units available to ship outside of the United States?

Unfortunately, at the current point in time we are only able to provide units within the US. 


Feel free to send us an email or call with questions or concerns. 


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