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We apologize for the delay. We are working through final FDA details. Your patience is greatly appreciated. Estimated Release To Market:
March 2022.

The acoustic otoscope utilizes Spectral Gradient Acoustic Reflectometry to measure middle ear effusion in seconds.

Spectral Gradient Acoustic Reflectometry (SGAR) is a technology that uses sound waves to detect middle ear fluid.

The acoustic otoscope is the only device that utilizes spectral gradient acoustic reflectometry to measure middle ear effusion.


Unlike a tympanometer, the acoustic otoscope can be used in the smallest infant or an adult, does not cause any pain with use, does not require the patient to remain completely still, and can provide diagnostic results in a few seconds.

Retail Price - $695.00



FDA cleared Class II medical device


Use of device may qualify for insurance reimbursement

($14 on average)


USB port connects device to web application for export of scan results to medical record, software updates & more.

Check My EAR LLC will be introducing the acoustic otoscope back to commercial distribution in 2022. If you have already submitted your contact information in this form below, you will receive an email soon with instructions on how to place your order

Please provide your contact information below so that we may let you know when the acoustic otoscope is ready for purchase.  Do not use auto-populate.


Check My EAR LLC

P.O. Box 22252

Lincoln, Nebraska USA 68022

Telephone: 800-895-9921


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